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Friday, May 2, 2008


Yesterday I was browsing in my local Barnes & Noble bookstore, and noticed a slight commotion...I moved a little closer to view what was happening and was astonished to see two truant officers arresting a nerdy looking 15 year old girl for truancy. In a bookstore!! I thought this was highly amusing. Arrested for READING. It reminded me of the Bill Hicks sketch, about the South, where upon opening a book in a diner, the cowboy at the counter says 'Looks like we got ourselves a READER.' But this was for real. I didnt know whether i should burst out laughing or try and rescue the girl from such an astounding case of misappropriate use of authority. I hope she doesnt lose her enthusiasm for a dying art....


Stephen O'Malley said...

Now reading:

The Monk / Matthew Lewis
Là-Bas / JK Huysmans

Demian Johnston said...

by dying art i hope you mean truancy. it rules!