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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Some pics from the Goatwhore,Exhumed show at Europa in Brooklyn last night. Didnt stay for Exhumed considering they didnt appear to have a single original member in the line up which always kind of weirds me out. Goatwhore always put on a great show, great energy, instigation of physical and emotional violence across the board. Havoc opened and played some pretty coo old school thrash without any under or over tomes of hipster fashion worship, great musicians. Thanks to Liz for the photo pass.

New photos

After a lengthy absence, Im re-establishing contact with the blogmasphere. This will contain mostly art based projects, my website containing the design work. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Helmut Lang

These are some clothes i designed the textile/print for in the last couple of months. YOu can see whcih part i did, its complex and symmetrical....Thanks to Michael Colovos the CD at Helmut Lang for the opportunity to work on a great project.

Immortal - Brooklyn Masonic Temple

The Immortal show at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple on Tuesday night was killer. Everything I expected from the blizzard beasts was supplied and supported but a great live performance and light show. For those who missed it because no-one in the band killed anyone or burnt a church down in 1991 then you missed a classic black metal show.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Jerk might be unbearable for some. But in our eyes, theater so wisely woven with reality, however violent, is wholesome." - Les Inrockuptibles, France

Gisèle Vienne's Jerk is based on the chilling text of Dennis Cooper, an author deemed "the most dangerous writer in America" by the Village Voice. It is a story told from the vantage point of David Brooks, the real life accomplice to Texas serial killer Dean Corll who was responsible for the deaths of more than 25 teenage boys in the early 1970s.

Jerk is theatre at its starkest, a harrowing journey into the most hidden corners of the human psyche.
Performed by and created in collaboration with Jonathan Capdevielle