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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gustave Doré

Thee Master Illustrator.


Demian Johnston said...

amazing. i love that fella as well. it's nice to have so many nice jpegs in one spot here. it's pretty daunting.

Lustmorderous said...

Hello Seldon,you might want to check out the works of the hungarian painter Mihály Zichy.He illustrated for example John Martin's "Paradise Lost".

Kevin G. Yuen said...

Definitely an inspiration - my edition of the 'the Divine Comedy' has all of Doré's original cuts... incredible.

Cirque said...

The guy's work is something else. More jpegs here:

Lustmorderous said...

Just checked your blog again and saw the error I made a few years back.
Mihály Zichy illustrated "The Tragedy of Man" from Imre Madách, not "Paradise Lost". My fault, sorry.